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Writer's Spotlight: Rafaat Haji Hamzah


An accomplished poet, Rafaat Haji Hamzah’s poetry has found a unique space in local Malay newspapers and radio since the late 1980s. Far from flowery and romantic, Rafaat’s poems are bold, succinct and mirror issues close to the heart of his people. Also a household name in Singapore’s television and theatre scenes, some of his notable theatrical works include Merdeka (2000) and Hablur (1997) which was nominated for Best Theatre Script in Anugerah Persuratan 1997–1998, an award recognising Malay-language writers. His scriptwriting extends to a wide genre of television programmes including variety, animation, drama and even info-ed. 

Tanpa Judulnya
Rafaat Haji Hamzah 

Tanpa lari aku mengejar 
tanpa tiang aku bersandar 
mencari jawapan tanpa tanya 
menganyam mimpi tanpa lena 

Tanpa waktu aku menanti 
tanpa bicara aku dampingi 
menyuluh kasih tanpa cahaya 
menyulam cinta tanpa suara

Without A Title 

Without running I chase 
without a beam I lean on 
finding answers without questions 
weaving dreams without sleep 

Without a term I wait 
without speech I nestle 
shining affection without light 
knitting love without a voice 

Poem translated from Malay by Aqmal N. 




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