Writer's Spotlight: Mohamed Latiff Mohamed


A prolific poet and writer in Singapore’s Malay literary scene and a teacher by training, Mohamed Latiff Mohamed is best known for his works on the struggles of the Malay community in post independence Singapore. A three-time winner of the Singapore Literature Prize, Mohamed Latiff was the 2013 Cultural Medallion recipient.

Don’t miss the recitation of Latiff’s poem as part of Rapatseni: Kata dan Rasa Teraga on 8 Dec, Fri at 7.30pm. 

Bagiku Sepilah Sudah
Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Sehabis rentetan mimpi itu
Bagiku sepilah sudah.
Walau bau tubuhmu mengimbaukan duka – gerimis
di bianglala itu adalah saksi sejarah;
kita pernah
berjihad lantas syuhada;
sehabis peristiwa itu;
kautumbuh dalam remang;
syuhada dengan bibir mongel;
dan keindahan segala;
padaku sepilah sudah;
hingga menyaksikan lagi
harum bianglala.

Only Loneliness For Me

Once the string of dreams ceased
To me, just loneliness
Though your scent recalls sorrow - drizzle
Upon the rainbow stood witness of history
we once
battled and martyred
once everything is done;
you rise from gloom;
martyred by petite lips;
and all its beauty;
To me, just loneliness
Till I witness once again
the rainbow's scent

From Bagiku Sepilah Sudah.
poems from 1990–2002(1998)

Poem translated from Malay by Aqmal N/Azizah Zakaria 

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