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Turning Tide - The Nusantara and The Spiritual Ripples in Malay Music

Presented by The Arts House



With the ebb of cultural nationalism in the 1970s, the Malay music scene saw a divergence into two disparate strands. On one hand, the resurgence of religion during the period saw the of dakwah nasyid – religious songs sung in modern rhythms and music arrangement. On the other hand, the Nusantara (Malay World) – also grew in prominence with singers and groups like Kopratasa and M Nasir. Today, a new kind of spiritual songs by musicians like Ramli Sarip has overtaken those genres in popularity. By learning about the shifting popularity of musical genres, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of how Malay culture has evolved across the decades.

Conducted in Malay and English

This programme is a part of Textures 2019, click here for the full festival line-up.

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