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The Songs We Sang 《我们唱着的歌》



The Songs We Sang, a documentary by Singapore filmmaker Eva Tang, is a vivid and in-depth look into the journey of Xinyao since its birth. Steeped in history and authenticity, this detailed documentary captures the spirit of a Singapore culture that has since become a significant part of a nation’s collective cultural heritage.

Xinyao emerged from the hearts of students across campuses in Singapore, and soon found its way into the heartlands, capturing the attention of a nation with its tuneful melodies and elegant and meaningful lyrics about family, friendship and everyday life.

Taking its title from a pivotal seminar on Xinyao held by the Mandarin student publication Nanyang Students in 1982, The Songs We Sang is infused with the energy, enthusiasm and creative courage of xinyao and its artists, and looks towards future generations of artists who will colour Singapore’s cultural tapestry.

*15 min post-show dialogue with director Eva Tang on 11 Aug, Sat. 

2016│ 128mins │In Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitlesPG

$9 per ticket | $1 discount for Singapore Film Society members (not applicable for bundle deals)
Bundle of 2 per film: $16 
Bundle of 4 per film: $28 


About the director

Born in Singapore, Eva Tang has lived and studied in Hong Kong, London and China. A storyteller at heart, Eva has a string of Chinese writing prizes under her belt. Her prose was unanimously awarded First Prize for Hong Kong’s most esteemed Chinese Literature Award when she was an undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong. The Songs We Sang (2015) is her debut feature documentary, hailed by the local media and audience as one of the best films of the year. It has set a new box office record for independent documentary in Singapore.

(Curated by The Filmic Eye)

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