The Parliament in Singapore History Exhibition


LEVEL 2, The Arts House
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The Arts House presents a fresh narrative of the varied career path of its building. This new display charts the history of The Arts House from 1827 to 1999; from witnessing the birth of a nation to the development of a legislature that contributed to Singapore’s growth and progress as a parliamentary democracy. Through rare archival images and spoken words of pioneer Parliamentarians such as Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Goh Keng Swee and Mr S Rajaratnam, the exhibition captures the spirit of our nation-building journey.

As the oldest government and public building in the Republic, the most significant years of The Arts House must have been those between 1965 and 1999. During that period, this neo-classical colonial building was the seat of independent Singapore’s Parliament, where important historical milestones were planted. It was here where our political pioneers and nation builders deliberated key issues that were to chart the path of Singapore’s development, and to define the style of our politics.  




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