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The Singapore Showcase presents stories from the recent past all the way to the time when gods walked amongst men. Come and hear tales of love that transcends curses and cruel separation, of family history as bittersweet as pomelos, and of sly foxes with sinister plans. Are you ready to explore the vast passages of time through stories?

The Heart of Story is a series of 5 videos celebrating Asian folklore and mythology.


Pomelo (Personal family story)
by Karen Lee

Nothing should go to waste, even the skin of the pomelos can be eaten. In these short and bittersweet vignettes of family history, Karen shares the hardships her maternal grandparents went through in trying to make in a living in Singapore.

Traditional Cantonese rhyme and song: Paaih Paaih Choh 排排坐 (Sitting Together)

The White Fox & the Skull (Korean folktale)
by Aswani Aswath

The White Fox is a wily creature, set on consuming the blood and energy of its unsuspecting victims, by donning a skull to appear human to all. Will the salt peddler be able to foil its plans and save the village?

Traditional Korean folk song: Arirang

Kannagi: The Misplaced Heroine (Tamil epic)
by Melizarani T.Selva

Famously known for unconditionally loving her cheating husband and setting a city ablaze, Kannagi questions why Amar Chitra Katha and all known Tamil epics made her intelligence and courage a mere footnote. Why is she the poster girl of either a dutiful Indian wife or angry Indian woman? All Kannagi wants now is to regain her rightful place as a feminist icon in 2020. This is her story.

Video Credit: Aiman Azri (Kannagi was filmed by the artist while under stay home guidelines)

Handyong & Oryol (Filipino folktale)
by Anna Ong

Oryol is sentenced to live in the forest with her animal minions, cursed to live as serpent by day and maiden by night. Only her true love can break this curse. She’s lived in the forest for over a thousand years – until the new ruler Handyong, threatens to destroy her home. How will Oryol’s tale end?

Daulat (Nusantara folktale)
by Dawn Lau

Sang Nila Utama’s marriage to Demang Lebar Daun’s daughter brokered a covenant between king and countrymen. He went on to Singapura where three generations prospered until the fourth Raja betrayed his people.

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