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Becoming Brainy with Bedtime Stories! (Workshop\Parents Seminar) CANCELLED

By Angeline Tong \ Blue Room \ 11am – 12pm

Reading bedtime stories to young children is a traditional ritual passed down for generations.  Besides being useful for parent-child bonding, latest neurological research has shown that this activity is also critical to brain development, including critical and inventive thinking. The latter is one of the necessary skills identified by the Ministry of Education under their 21st Century Competencies Framework.  In today’s age of smart phones and tablets, how then can parents capture the creative imagination of their child and maximise their brain development through using traditional bedtime stories?  This interactive seminar will share playful ways, innovative ideas and useful tips for parents to unleash the brainy benefits of bedtime stories, while having loads of fun together with their children. 

About HandsonLearning Strategies LLP
Ms Angeline Tong is the Head of Content and Evaluation at HandsonLearning, an established education consultancy specialising in content development that nurtures creative imagination, character and values.  A veteran in education, Angeline has vast experience working with educational institutions and parents both in Singapore and the United States to develop curriculum, create educational materials, consulting with parents and educational institutions, and conducting both teacher and student training.  Angeline holds a Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she specialised in applying developmental psychology and cognitive sciences to maximise learning potential. She is currently consultant to many government agencies and a proud mother of a cheeky toddler. n. tives of short stories from an Ethos collection, followed by a sing-along to classical Cantonese opera tunes in English and Cantonese lyrics.

A Guide to Writing for Graphic Novels crop

A Guide to Writing for Graphic Novels (Workshop\Graphic Novel)

By Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) \ Council Room \ 11am – 12pm

This workshop by the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) is conducted by President of the Association, Jerry Hinds. It will cover the basic essentials required and detailed processes on how to start writing for graphic novels and comics.

*This workshop is suitable for ages 15 and above.

About Jerry Hinds
Originally from the UK, Jerry Hinds has lived in Singapore since 1997.  Beyond his career in Advertising & Design, he has been President of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) (ACAS) since 2006. Via his indie-press proprietorship, Nice One Entertainment, he has co-published and worked with various creators, including Tom DeFalco (ex-Marvel Comics editor-in-chief). He spearheaded the 2010 MDA backed IGNITE! graphic novel initiative, and beyond his current ACAS curriculum building and teaching duties, is wildly busy creating 'Singapore's 1st World of Supaheroes Universe - SupaCross!.

ACAS is a non-profit organisation, formed in 2005 by a group of professional & semi-professional Singapore-based cartoonists, all of whom had in their portfolio previously published work. 


Book Arts 2 crop

Book Arts (Workshop\Bookbinding)

By notabilia (Pooja Makhijani) \ Council Room \ 1pm – 2pm

Publish a beautifully designed limited edition chapbook with Pooja Makhijani of notabilia! Participants of the workshop will learn about bookbinding vocabulary, tools, materials and techniques of the craft.

*Tools and materials will be provided
*Participants are requested to bring an excerpt of their work, e.g. a line of poetry or prose. 
*Limited to 25 pax

About Pooja Makhijani
Pooja Makhijani is a writer, editor, teacher, book artist, mother, and New Yorker living in Singapore. Her blog https://notabilia.wordpress.com covers literature, art, independent design, creative people, pretty things, and regional travel.

Your Imaginations the Limit An Intro to Improv Theatre crop

Your Imagination’s the Limit: An Intro to Improv Theatre (Workshop\Improv Theatre)

By The Improv Company \ Living Room \ 4pm – 5pm

Try your hand at creating collaborative stories via improvisation! In this fun workshop on improvised theatre and storytelling, participants will learn the basics of improvisation and the building blocks of creating satisfying stories. 

About The Improv Company
The Improv Company is a homegrown improvised theatre company dedicated to performing, popularizing and teaching high-quality, instantly accessible improvised theatre. They hope to see the improv theatre scene flourish in Singapore, and aim to provide the budding local community with the spaces and platforms to practise and perfect the art. To date, they have conducted countless improv workshops for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike, and would humbly consider this something of a specialty.

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