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Sunshiny Stories (Performance\Storytelling)

By The Storytellers’ Circle of The Society for Reading and Literacy \ Living Room \ 11am – 12pm

Looking for a good place to relax with the children and be entertained at the same time? Quirky traditional stories presented by Rosemarie Somaiah from The Storytellers' Circle of the Society for Reading and Literacy, will encourage easy and comfortable retelling among adults and children alike. Perfect for families looking to spend the morning together, this interactive storytelling session with follow-up activities is great for children, parents and caregivers as they will be reassured by the familiar and delight in the unusual! 

About the Storytellers' Circle of The Society for Reading and Literacy
The Storytellers' Circle (STC) of the Society for Reading and Literacy (SRL) has nurtured storytellers in the art of oral storytelling since 1999. Members of the STC come from all walks of life.  STC provides support and encouragement to those who are taking their first steps in storytelling, and is an avenue for those who simply enjoy listening to stories.  It does this through its regular monthly meeting at The Arts House, at which members get to meet talented storytellers from Singapore and around the world. 


A Kaleidoscope of Stories (Performance\Storytelling)

By Curtain Call Theatre Productions (ITE College East) \ Living Room \ 2pm – 3pm

Curtain Call Theatre Productions (ITE College East) presents A Kaleidoscope of Stories, a storytelling session featuring a varied range and genres of stories told live. From true stories of lived experience and personal narratives, to fantastical tales, traditional folktales and adaptations of literary works, each storyteller spins a unique story weaving together literary techniques from drama, Readers’ Theatre and the storytelling tradition in an outdoor urban space. Student performers get an opportunity in creative self-expression and to showcase their ability in effectively engaging an audience via oral storytelling, while both performers and the audience participate in reflective dialogue and processing. Merging the imaginative with socio-cultural and emotional realities, A Kaleidoscope of Stories endeavours to keep the oral tradition amongst the youth in Singapore alive.

About Curtain Call Theatre Productions
Curtain Call, an independent theatre and performing arts group based in ITE College East, aims to develop and nurture young talented students with an interest in drama, the dynamics of theatre production, spoken word (performance of poetry pieces) and stand-up comedy. Incorporating a holistic approach to theatre and the arts, it supports and provides opportunities for students to be creatively engaged via professional training, performances, as well as local and international collaborations and competitions. This co-curricular activity aims to inculcate and promote an awareness of contemporary, traditional and ethnic theatrical forms, going beyond Western mainstream contemporary art forms to recognise the diversity and richness of the Singapore, Southeast Asian and South Asian art scenes and their theatrical heritage. 


UTAMA PARAMESWARA Sya’ir (Performance\Theatre)

By Keelat Theatre Ensemble \ Chamber \ 3pm – 4pm

Hear the tale of the founding of Singapura using Sya’ir, a classical singing style of story-telling in verse, and moving tableau scenes from Keelat Theatre Ensemble. The audience takes an active role in the telling of history via interaction with the actors.

About Keelat Theatre Ensemble
Since its inception in 2008, Keelat Theatre Ensemble has remained autonomous and progressive. It continues to delve into Islamic perspectives of issues relevant and common to all theatre audiences with productions that are accessible yet insightful, well-grounded yet open-ended and opinionated yet thought-provoking. In so doing, differences of ethnicity, economic status, intellectual capacity, culture and spirituality are bridged.

Along with its main Keelat Season for the discerning audience, under its wings are the Halilintar Project – interactive theatre for youth, the Pelangi Project – participatory theatre for families and especially children, the Awan Project – education and outreach, and the Taufan Project – international touring season.

 Tell it Slant crop

Tell it Slant (Performance\Story Slam)

By The Eloquent Orifice \ Blue Room \ 3pm – 4pm

Combine all your favourite Singapore writers together in a single poem or short story! Based on Emily Dickinsons's verse 'Tell all the Truth but tell it slant', this sessions features readers reading spliced works by Singaporean or Singapore-based writers. Each reader may read up to two redux pieces which may be poems, short fiction or non-fiction on any subject. 

About The Eloquent Orifice
The Eloquent Orifice aims to promote critical and creative expression through their online platform which features fiction, critiques, visual art, music and short films. Comprised of a core team of English Literature graduates, the group fosters a new generation of interdisciplinary artistes while promoting an environment where the arts and technology, and creativity and critical thinking intermingle.    Combine all your favourite Singapore writers together in a single poem or short story! Based on Emily Dickinsons's verse 'Tell all the Truth but tell it slant', this sessions features readers reading spliced works by Singaporean or Singapore-based writers. Each reader may read up to two redux pieces which may be poems, short fiction or non-fiction on any subject. 

An Escape to The Real crop

An Escape to The Real (Performance\Poetry Recital)

By The Skinny Republik \ Screening Room \ 4pm – 5pm

The Skinny Republik writes about the innermost aspect of the human being that is often neglected and drowned out by today's society. Poetry is the language chosen to speak to hearts in an attempt to reestablish a connection with the divine. Sometimes a person chooses to escape the fuss of life and ponder over what makes a heartbeat, to understand the Artist behind the art-piece called Life and be consumed in moments of self-reflection. After acquiring this state of serenity albeit brief or temporary, a person understands that he needs to go back to society to carry out his responsibilities hence, An Escape To The Real. Accompanying the writings are visual art pieces suited to every poem written."We invite you to come & join us on a journey where our feet will often fail us but where the heart will deliver to a secret keep. We greet you with Salam and an end in peace." - The Skinny Republik

About The Skinny Republik
The Skinny Republik is a collective thought of many different shades of one self. The Skinny Republik loves creating art by hand, and putting words into poetry. 

Faking It copy

Faking It (Performance\Play Reading)

By Su Ching Teh \ Blue Room \ 5pm – 6pm

Su Ching Teh will present her latest play Faking It, read by Florence Yuan Feng, Kim Tan, Rayann Condy, Tan Lay Boon, and Shane Logue. This play is in development; audience members are encouraged to give feedback after the performance. Synopsis of the play is below: 

LIN KEXI, 20, is a Chinese art student at an Ivy League university. She is about to take the art world by storm with her thought-provoking installations. But when her Chinese mayor father LIN JIAN GUO, 55 comes to visit, her worlds collide. The ensuing farce sees Kexi trying to hide her politically subversive work from her parents, who think she’s an economics major. When Jian Guo’s enemies get wind of Kexi’s provocative performance art, there is uproar among Chinese netizens. The fallout threatens to ruin Jian Guo’s career and land him in prison. As Kexi comes to terms with her identity, she must find a way to reconcile her Chinese past and American future. Meanwhile, Jian Guo must decide between staying on in the US as a dissident, and returning to persecution in China.

While Faking It features no Singaporean characters, it is relevant to Singaporeans who feel caught between East and West today. 

About Su Ching Teh
Su Ching’s plays, poetry, stories, and films have been performed, published, and screened in New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Glasgow, Tokyo, London, Milan, and Singapore. Her film adaptation of Haresh Sharma's play October screens Friday March 27th on Mediacorp's Channel 5. When not writing, Su Ching does improv comedy and plays forensic expert Jean Wu on Channel 5’s Code of Law.  

An Evening of French Music with piano and clarinet crop

An Evening of French Music with piano and clarinet (Performance\Music)

By Li Lingzhi & Pauline Tan \ Living Room \ 6pm – 7pm

Via a repertoire of music from the late 19th to mid 20th century, pianist, Pauline Tan, and clarinetist, Li Lingzhi, navigate the evolution of French music century in an intimate chamber music performance. Audience will also learn about the parallel evolution of French literature and music. 

About Li Lingzhi and Pauline Tan
Li Lingzhi
Lingzhi achieved a postgraduate diploma in solo performance (clarinet) with merit from the Royal Northern College of Music (UK). She was also a recipient of the Giles Thomas Lyth Scholarship. In UK, she studied with two clarinet professors, namely, Antonio Salguero and Nicholas Cox. Prior to Lingzhi's music studies in UK, she took lessons with Ma Yue, Principal Clarinetist of Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Her key repertoire consists of clarinet chamber music for piano trios or piano duos. Her recent performances include the Singapore Conference Hall ensemble series and Esplanade Library Sunday showcase series.

Pauline Tan
Pauline attained a Licentiate Diploma (LTCL) in Piano Performance from Trinity College London. She performs actively as an accompanist for instrumentalists and choirs. Pauline's other musical interests include exploring jazz, pop and chinese music. She also plays the violin and guzheng. Her recent performances include the Singapore Conference Hall ensemble series and performances with the ESO symphony.

Judgement Day 2

Judgement Day (Performance\Play Reading)

By The Drama Clinic \ Chamber \ 7pm – 8pm

A scheming businessman seeks justice over his wife’s infidelity.

A mistreated domestic worker makes a break for her freedom.

A devoted wife scrambles to clear her ailing husband’s name. 

A dysfunctional teenager struggles with his sexuality.

Four unlikely candidates on the verge of death have been summoned to trial in the depths of purgatory; where they are given the opportunity to state their case for a second shot at life. There they meet X – a cold and quick-witted interrogator who questions their motive. X too is struggling with existentialism. With lives at stake, tension rises and true intentions are unwittingly revealed plunging into a graveyard spiral.

Judgement Day is an experimental play that examines the death penalty, questioning who we are as humans to decide the fate of another. Conducted through the use of audience participation, in which the audience take on the role as members of the jury and are invited to vote for the candidate they found most deserving of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Who deserves to live? Who dies? You decide.

About The Drama Clinic
The Drama Clinic is a start up company by Kimberly Arriola and Asaph Teo, two alumni from Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology, interested in developing Singapore’s educational sector through its incorporation of drama in the classroom. 

Kimberly is a graduate from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London with a degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. Since returning home, Kimberly continues to hone her craft by working with various corporate and educational institutions whilst working towards her goal of becoming an established playwright having recently been recruited as a writer under the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Young Company Writing Programme.

All The Small Things

All the Small Things (Performance\Story Slam) [TBC]

By Story Slam x We Can! Singapore \ Blue Room \ 7pm - 8pm

About Story Slam x We Can! Singapore
Story Slam Singapore
Story Slam Singapore is Singapore’s first monthly live storytelling event. It is dedicated to perpetuating the oral tradition and art of storytelling by recognizing differences and celebrating our shared experiences as a human race.

Story Slam Singapore also believes that each person’s story is unique, and strives to provide every opportunity for story tellers to share their stories authentically. From joyful and hilarious moments to painful and bleak times, Story Slam Singapore believes in the power of truthful and powerful story telling. For people with a story to tell and for anyone who wants to listen, storytelling is for all of us.

We Can! Singapore
We Can! Singapore took off at the beginning of 2013. With the tagline Change starts with me, the campaign uses interactive theatre, intimate workshops, and collaborative projects to reach out to individual Change Makers as well as community groups, provoking thought and discussion on the less obvious forms of violence against women.

We Can! builds on the belief that change can be achieved when people recognize the problem of violence against women as their own, know that there is a better alternative, and feel empowered to make that change happen.

Through individual Change Makers and community alliances, the campaign hopes to transform underlying social attitudes and beliefs that tolerate violence against women.  

Ribcage crop

Ribcage (Performance\Play Reading)

By Andrew Sutherland \ Living Room \ 8pm – 9pm

Ribcage is a compact and dark drama, focusing on a violent relationship between a young man and woman. The play is inspired by the myth of Artemis and Actaeon, and aims to distil the echoes of Greek tragedy into contemporary performance styles. Taking the form of a staged reading, Andrew Sutherland will work with actors Sharda Harrison of Pink Gajah Theatre, and Lian Sutton to verbally and physically explore the possibilities of the text.

About Andrew Sutherland
Andrew Sutherland was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. He studied Classics and Ancient Greek before moving to Singapore in 2011 to pursue the BA (Hons) Acting programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, from which he graduated in 2014 with first class honours. While at LASALLE, he created the original cabaret Messianic Trash, which he performed in Singapore and Melbourne in 2013. Highlights as an actor include The Visit (directed by Natalie Hennedige), The Boys in the Band (directed by Tony Knight) and Starring Hitler as Jekyll & Hyde (written and directed by Chong Tze Chien). He took part in The Orange Playground laboratory programme with The Necessary Stage, under the mentorship of Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma. Recently, he has served as assistant director for Stefanos Rassios' Trojan Women: an Elegy at LASALLE, and is currently working as assistant director for Jeff Chen's take on Kuo Pao Kun's Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral for the Esplanade Studios in April. Andrew's play Ragnarok is being produced by Skinned Knee Productions under the direction of Aole T. Miller, and will premiere at the Substation from 15-18 April

The Best Stories Weve Never Told crop

The Best Stories We’ve Never Told (Performance\Improv Theatre)

By The Improv Company \ Chamber \ 9pm – 10pm

The Improv Company will stage a theatre performance comprising songs and short scenes made up completely on-the-spot! These will be inspired by suggestions from the audience, allowing for an interactive and completely spontaneous performance. Both improvisers and audience members will collectively create the stories they want to see together, and audience members will come away from the performance enjoying the immediacy and spontaneity of improvised theatre. Good storytelling is fun and easy to do.

About The Improv Company
The Improv Company is a homegrown improvised theatre company dedicated to performing, popularizing and teaching high-quality, instantly accessible improvised theatre. They hope to see the improv scene flourish in Singapore, and aim to provide the budding local improv community with the spaces and platforms to practice and perfect the art. To date, they have done too many shows to remember, in places ranging from arts centres to bars to bakeries, to full houses and rave reviews from their audiences.  

Animal City Sounds crop

Animal City Sounds (Performance\Music)

By Marc Nair \ Blue Room \ 9pm – 10pm

Marc Nair and his band, Neon and Wonder, will showcase a series of poems set to music from his book Animal City. This illustrated compilation of poems tell the tales of different animals found in Singapore; from commando squirrels to fortunate fish and even a dog who falls in love with a cat. The city becomes a backdrop for a myriad of scenes both serious and serendipitous. Featuring original music by Neon and Wonder, the set will also include other spoken word pieces from Marc's newly launched spoken word collection, The Poet of Unlove as well as other poems that revolve around the city.

About Marc Nair 
Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He has published five volumes of poetry and has also been featured in a number of anthologies both print and online. Marc has been part of the poetry slam scene in Singapore since 2003, and has represented Singapore competitively at international slam competitions in Malaysia, Reunion Island and France. He also performs spoken word and songs locally with his band, Neon and Wonder and is the co-founder of Mackerel, a travel stories website.

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