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The Arts Open House 2016



The Arts Open House

19 Mar, 11am – 11pm | Free; certain programmes require prior registration and/or material fee 

The Arts House opens our doors to welcome you to engage in literary shenanigans! We twist traditional perceptions of what literary arts programmes are and present a host of unexpected programmes, which are based on or inspired by literature. From storytelling and batik painting for kids to uncovering a murder mystery, break down the walls of boredom for a day of fun for all!

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Batik Tales
11am | Blue Room | Free admission | Suitable for families with children aged 5 and above

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Babies and toddlers will not be permitted into the session. Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the session.

Come listen to folktales about Sang Kancil, the clever mouse deer told by master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran! In a unique collaboration, batik artist Sadali Musbah will bring the characters to life on batik as the story is being told.


Batik Painting with Sadali
11.30am – 6pm | Porch | Demo Kit $5

Adult supervision is required for children aged 12 and below. 

After listening to tales of the Sang Kancil, join batik artist Sadali for some batik fun! Purchase a demo kit and select from characters featured in the stories to make your own batik with Sadali teaching basic batik painting techniques.


Book Necklace Workshop
11am – 1pm | Living Room | $50 | Registration via taohbooknecklace.eventbrite.sg

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Make an arty statement with your very own Mini Book Necklace! Learn to create your own case-bound book and accessorise it with unique metal trinkets and cords.

This workshop is conducted by Thistle Bindery & Co.


Coffee and Haiku Cupcakes
11am – 6pm | Gallery I

Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee from Kaki Kopi Geng and pair it with a special cupcake from The Ugly Cake Shop! Cupcakes will feature specially commissioned haikus from Dr Gwee Li Sui.


Lit(e) Snack BAR
11am – 7pm | Porch | Free admission

Curated by Burn After Reading

We know that the way to a Singaporean's heart is through our belly, but what about our literary stomachs? Try your hand at creating some delicious poems inspired by what we know best, food. If writing is not your thing, fall back to the familiar childhood medium of colour pencils and paper, and share what you think of the poems! Parents and children can create art together, and these works of art displayed at The Arts House throughout the duration of the event. Share your handiwork on social media using the hashtag #litesnack, and stand a chance to win book vouchers for a gastronomical treat.


Poetry Palmistry
1pm – 10pm | Gallery I | Free admission

What to know your fate in love, work or life? Let poets read your palms with poetry to see what the fates have in store for you.


Art Journaling Workshop
2pm – 4pm | Living Room | $38 | Registration via curiouscollege.com/products/artshouse

TAOH 2016 Art Journaling

Art Journals combine the best of a diary, sketchbook and scrapbook in-one – something for everybody. In this workshop, you'll get guidance for starting your own art journal by combining pictures, words and everyday ephemera, and inspiration to continue creating Your Book of You.

This workshop is conducted by Curious College.


Murder Most Foul
Chamber | Session 1: 3pm – 4pm, Session 2: 9.30pm – 10.30pm | Free admission with registration via taohmurdermostfoul.eventbrite.sg

Enter the Chamber, where decisions that changed course of history were once made! Now it is your turn to decide on the fate of one person, so choose wisely.

A terrible murder has taken place in the Chamber today. Who could have pulled of this dastardly deed? Meet the five poet-suspects, figure out the meaning behind their rhymes, and decide for yourself who really has blood on their hands, and who is innocent.


Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously
4pm – 7pm | Blue Room | Free admission
Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously is an experiential performance broken into five parts, one for each of our senses. Colourless will show how poetry is not merely conceptual but also fully material; in their poetic exploration of the senses, participants will emerge from the performance with their very own poem.


Word Olympics
7:30pm – 9pm | Living Room | Free admission

Word Olympics pits the best of Singapore's young literary talent against each other in a grueling test of wit, whimsy and wordplay. Four young literary collectives - Burn After Reading, Ministry of Noise, the Image-Symbol Department, and Insert Cool Name Here, will duke it out for a big trophy and unlimited bragging rights. Award-winning poet and dungeon master Joshua Ip hosts what promises to be an unforgettable tournament - let the games begin!


We are grateful for the help of the following writing groups who meet regularly at The Arts House for their curatorial support of this year’s The Arts Open House.

The Image-Symbol Department is a collective of poets in their twenties that meet monthly to do (terrible) things to each others' poems. Founded by Joshua Ip, Pooja Nansi & Ann Ang after the first Singapore Poetry Writing Month (SingPoWriMo) in 2014, the Department has since performed at the Singapore Writers Festival 2014, and several of its writers have gone on to publish their first collections. They believe in snacks, forgiveness, hard work and honest living.

Burn After Reading (BAR) is a community of young and emerging poets and writers founded and supported by Jacob Sam-La Rose and Jasmine Cooray in London, which has since spread to Singapore under the patronage of Pooja Nansi and Joshua Ip. BAR represents and appreciates a diverse range of poetics from "spoken word" to "page" and points in between.

Ministry of Noise (MoN) is a collective of spoken word poets who meet monthly to workshop new poems and performance ideas. They welcome and encourage a variety of styles and perspectives. MoN aims to provide a space for spoken word poets to share skills, critique one another's work and improve on their writing and performance technique.


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