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The Animated Shorts of Jerrold Chong

By Jerrold Chong



For this special session with Jerrold Chong features the animator’s full filmography of animated shorts, including excerpts from Piece of Meat. In the post-screening talk, Jerrold will also be sharing his inspiration and insights as a director of independent animation in Singapore. An avid lover of cinema, Jerrold is fascinated by the power of animated cinema as abstract visual metaphor and is driven by a desire to tell sincere stories that examines the depths of everyday life and the complexities of the human experience.

After studying animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Jerrold’s animated short films have travelled to numerous international film festivals, including Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol, Animatricks Animation Festival in Helsinski, Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo and Bucheon International Animation Festival in Korea. His graduation short film Nascent was awarded the Best Animation Award at Singapore Short Film Awards. Most recently, his latest animated short Piece of Meat, co-directed with Huang Junxiang, premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Fortnight and was also selected for Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Jerrold is currently developing his first animation feature, The Art of Charlie Chan, based on the Eisner-winning graphic novel by Sonny Liew.

Animation | 2014 - 2019 | 35min screening + 60min talk | Rating: various
Languages: English
Curated by The Filmic Eye

Short Films:
1. Nascent (4’20”) – NC16 (Some Nudity)
An unusual pair of twins has to learn to adapt to a strange new relationship, and must make a decision that will change their fates forever.
2. Ways Of Seeing (04’35”) - PG
Rumble of train rails;
Crashing of ocean waves;
Soft caress of distant wind.

Two people. Two ways of perceiving the world.
3. Eclipse (06’05”) - PG
A son revisits a long-estranged father, on the day of an impending solar eclipse. An event of cosmic significant coincides with an emotional revelation for father and son.
4. What Has To Be  (10’45”) – PG
Husband and Wife grapple with the tragic death of their firstborn as they await the arrival of their second. Their recollections reveal a dark, repressed history within the space they call home.

Adapted from S. Rajaratnam's short story of the same name, What Has To Be explores the dysfunctional relationship between two grieving parents as they confront the inevitable truth of their unborn child.
5. Automatonomy  (07’00”) - PG
In a dystopian sci-fi society amidst social unrest between Humans and Automatons, an orphan rescues an injured girl from the rumble of violence. As they hide out together in a bunker-like room, their burgeoning friendship gets tested as external forces threaten to fracture how one sees the Other.


Films curated by The Filmic Eye
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