Textures 2019 Open Call: Editorial Consultations for Manuscripts

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Calling all aspiring writers! Due to popular demand, the Editorial Consultations are making a return for Textures 2019 with new publishers on board and more slots across a greater variety of genres!

As with last year, The Arts House would like to invite submissions for manuscripts for poetry, fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels for a one-on-one consultation with editors from Math Paper Press, Ethos Books, Marshall Cavendish and COSH. Writers who have existing manuscripts and are looking to get feedback on how to improve their work are highly encouraged to apply.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by The Arts House and up to 10 manuscripts will be selected and submitted to the respective editors (except for graphic novels, where up to 5 manuscripts will be selected), who will review them and provide feedback and advice during the session. Each consultation will be 30 minutes long and there is a fee of $25.00 (inclusive of GST).

The schedule and specific requirements for the submissions are as follows:

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Participants must ensure that they can commit to the consultation dates and times before they submit their manuscripts.

Manuscripts should be submitted together with the application form via email to programmes@artshouse.sg by 8 Feb 2019, 11.59pm. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be entertained.

Click to download application form here


A full list of rules and conditions can be found in the application form.

Q1. Who qualifies to submit manuscripts?
All Singaporean or Singapore PR writers who have published or are looking to publish works are welcome to submit manuscripts by the deadline according to the specifications above.

Q2. What are the criteria for shortlisting manuscripts? Is there a quota?
Manuscripts should be original and written by the applicant. They will be shortlisted based on the quality and strength of the writing. Criteria include premise, theme, tone, creativity, language, structure, plot and pacing (for fiction), characters and dialogue (for fiction).

A maximum of 5 manuscripts for each genre (poetry, fiction, non-fiction) will be selected. 

Q3. What are the different stages of the Open Call?


For other queries, please email programmes@artshouse.sg .


Textures celebrates the power and beauty of words. It invites audiences to experience and appreciate how words give us the ability to express ourselves as well as give meaning to our lives and the world. With its profound ability to connect and unite, words breathe life into the vast breadth of human thought and feeling, whether spoken or written.

In this weekend of words, we also celebrate Singapore literature and the people who have contributed to it. From mastering the craft to those building a community of writers and readers, they are all part of weaving and strengthening the fabric of our literary landscape.


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