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How to Tell Personal Stories for a Story Slam
By Anna Ong

Story Slams are storytelling competitions similar to poetry slams. Through Story Slams, one challenges themselves to engage and capture an audience’s attention. This interview will allow viewers to learn more about Story Slams and how they work, before delving into how to identify a good story and developing it further.

There’s always someone at a dinner party with a captivating story to tell and an audience that’s hanging on to their every word. How do you become that person with a good story to tell? Listen as creative producer Kamini Ramachandran interviews Anna Ong, founder of What's Your Story Slam.

Mandala Storytelling: Exploring Nature & Pyrography
By Chan Shu Yin

Mandalas have been a form of meditative contemplation in different cultures around the world since antiquity. Described as a way to “unify the self” by Carl Jung, mandala-making can be created using any material, even natural ones. Nature has always been a source of creativity and inspiration and is defined as the ‘satoyama’ in Japanese culture, a transitional space that bears fertile imagination. This video presentation will provide viewers with a demonstration of the process of pyrography (wood-burning) in making mandalas, and how doing so will allow one to enter a creative flow. Through this, viewers can reflect on the art-making to inspire the emergence of a personal narrative.

Tales with Tails
Dr. Nazry Bahrawi

Animal figures feature prominently in many legends across the world. Pigs, horses and donkeys populate one of the most famous modern classics, Animal Farm by George Orwell. The Malays have a rich tradition of narrating the tiger. This majestic creature features in oral folklores of yesteryears but it has also appeared in modern texts like P. Ramlee’s film Sitora Harimau Jadian and Eka Kurniawan’s Man Tiger, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2016. This lecture presentation will explore the appeal of animal fables and its relevance to the modern world.

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