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Singapore Writers Festival 2018: Literary Pioneer

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This year, Singapore Writers Festival celebrates Yeng Pway Ngon, Cultural Medallion recipient (2003), three-time Singapore Literature Prize winner (2004, 2008, 2012), and one of Singapore’s most distinguished Chinese-language writers. Having written for over 50 years, Yeng has made immense and significant contributions to the Singapore Chinese literary scene. His works are deeply existential and universal, examining human concerns and failings that are timeless and relatable. Visit the Literary Pioneer exhibition to explore the different realms – social, cultural, and psychological – in Yeng’s works and experience the richness of his literary imagination.

在2018的新加坡作家节, 国家艺术理事会与艺术之家将会呈现新华文学家英培安为今年的文学先驱。英先生是2003年新加坡文化奖得主,2004、2008和2012年新加坡文学奖的得奖者,也是享誉国际的小说创作者。他对新华文学多有贡献,为本地生产出极为珍贵且高质量的作品,可说是新华文学界的典范。艺术之家一楼的空间将会“转化”为英培安的文学空间,带领读者们进入只属于英培安先生及其作品的世界。 展览同时也安排了多场与他有关的活动例如“跨越界限:英培安的小说世界讲座和”于“英培安的文学晚间”,期待与大家一同进入这属于英培安与读者们的文学空间。



Yeng Pway Ngon: Reflections and Revelations

Exhibition | 2 Nov–31 Dec 2018, 10am –10pm | Print & Film Gallery | Free

In this exhibition, you will journey through fictional terrains constructed by Yeng Pway Ngon, one of Singapore's most prominent Chinese-language novelists, poet, playwright and critic known for seminal works such as Unrest and Art Studio. Indefatigable in his pursuit of dissecting the human condition, Yeng has developed a distinct literary style of wry, absurdist humour and a dualistic perspective that interweaves the personal with the social. Encompassing notions of contradiction, hope, regret, and desire, his timeless stories and characters hold up a candid mirror to society, revealing the beauty and flaws of our existence.




Crossing Boundaries: The Fictional Worlds of Yeng Pway Ngon

Talk | 3 Nov 2018, Sat, 7pm –8pm | Living Room | Festival Pass, buy tickets here
Featuring: Dr. Seah Cheng Ta 谢征达

Yeng Pway Ngon’s complex and layered novels are often written with sincerity, self-awareness, and social consciousness. Set against a backdrop of rapidly changing social landscapes in Singapore from the 1960s to the 1980s, which saw a growing divide between the Chinese and English educated, his novels explore universal themes such as identity, love, loss, longing, and gender roles through the shifting perspectives of vastly different characters. Drawing on key works, this lecture by academic Dr. Seah Cheng Ta will shed light on Yeng’s unique voice and take you on a journey through his literary oeuvre.

This session will be in Mandarin with some English text translations.




An Evening with Yeng Pway Ngon

Reading | 6 Nov 2018, Tue, 8pm –10pm | Blue Room | Free

Join us in a casual and intimate session where Yeng Pway Ngon’s family, friends and associates gather to share cherished memories of Yeng as well as their conversations on literature, philosophy, and life, which have inspired his writings.





Born in 1947, Yeng Pway Ngon — Chinese language poet, novelist, playwright and critic —is one of Singapore's most prolific authors, and recipient of the Cultural Medallion for Literature in 2003 and the SEA Write Award in 2013. He has published published over 25 volumes of poetry, essays, fiction, plays and literary criticism. His work is noted for its examination of the modern human condition, and has been translated into English, Malay and Dutch. Yeng has also received the National Book Development Council of Singapore's Book Award in 1988 for A Man Like Me, and the Singapore Literature Prize in 2004, 2008 and 2012 for UnrestTrivialities About Me and Myself, and Art Studio.




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