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Celebrate Singapore's flowers, landscapes and jungles. Unique artworks, four different series. Enjoy the mysterious journey through 34 paintings by Elvira Byrnes dedicated to Singapore’s Bicentennial.

“I would like to celebrate the Singapore Bicentennial and offer my deep gratitude to its people and leaders for creating this peaceful cultural oasis by creating paintings inspired by the Orchid scholar-gentleman ideals, as they stand true as my own values, as well as all the great things about Singapore.” -Elvira Byrnes, the artist

The light yet lingering unique fragrance of the orchid also had a profound effect on Confucius. He said “與善人居, 如入芝蘭之室, 久而不聞其香, 即與之化矣. 與不善人居, 如入鮑魚之肆, 久而不聞其臭, 亦與之化矣.” “If you are in the company of good people, it is like entering a room full of orchids. After a while, you become soaked in the fragrance and you don’t even notice it. If you are in the company of bad people, it is like going into a room that smells of fish. After a while, you don’t notice the fishy smell as you have been immersed in it.” The orchid’s fragrance was used to portray the sublimity of character which Confucius believed everyone should strive for and which formed the basis of his moral preaching, and to emphasize the influential power of people of such character. Such were the qualities that created Singapore.

Exhibition presents 34 paintings in 4 series:  

  1. ten paintings inspired by orchid gardens and farms of Singapore;
  2. ten paintings inspired by orchid closeups when we bring our face closer to the flowers, the vibrancy and perfect match of colours and exotic mysterious shapes of which resembled Gucci designs to the artist; 
  3. ten paintings inspired by Singapore florists, Van Gogh and and the artist’s own floral bouquets;
  4. 4 paintings inspired by Singapore’s nature reserves, botanic gardens and the lore of Raffles Hotel
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