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The Si17 Soundislands Festival investigates the relationship between sound and movement: sonic dances with voice, body, ear, eye, hand, machine, body, floor, camera, time, and gravity.

Technologies that enable motion tracking and machine-learning allow a tight coupling between the physical reality of the body in motion with the abstract sensations induced by the auditory environment. The cinematic capture of visuals, as a trace of bodies in space and post-produced sound, allows scripting of audience expectations. This unique pairing resulted in a unique genre of dance films; an audiovisual art form that explores the illusions and imaginary representations of the synchronised movements of limbs and larynx. 

In its third edition, the biannual event puts the spotlight on dance films – both local and international – and pursues the investigation into how sound relates to other media and perceptual modalities.

Founded by PerMagnus Lindborg and co-chaired by Joyce Beetuan Koh, and in partnership with The Arts House, CineMovement, and Good Company Arts (New Zealand), the Si17 Soundislands Festival proudly present artists and scholars Daniel Belton (New Zealand), Elysa Wendi (Singapore/Hong Kong), Jeremy Chua (Singapore), Jim Murphy & Bridget Johnson (New Zealand), Stephanie Burridge (Singapore) and Jon He (Singapore).

Si17 Soundislands Festival is in partnership with CineMovement and Good Company Arts (New Zealand), and supported by The Arts House. 




axis – Anatomy of space

Performance | 5 Apr | 8pm – 9pm | Gallery II | Free admission
Exhibition | 5 Apr – 10 Apr | 10am – 10pm | Gallery II | Free Admission | Click here for more details

The Si17 Soundislands Festival opens with a live performance of a unique fusion of music and dance film for expanded cinema, AXIS – Anatomy of Space. This work is a collaboration between Good Company Arts (New Zealand) and renowned artists Joyce Beetuan Koh, PerMagnus Lindborg, Tanya Carlson, Jac Grenfell, Donnie Harrison, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet, under the artistic leadership of Daniel Belton. 

film screening

Film | 7 Apr | 7pm – 8pm | Screening Room | Free admission

The Festival film programme, curated by CineMovement, features three dance films: One minute breath by Elysa Wendi (Hong Kong/Singapore), The Forest of Copper Column by Russell Morton (Singapore), and The Mist by Liao Jie Kai (Singapore). There is a Q&A session with CineMovement after the film screening. 

Mechatronic Performances

Performance | 7 Apr | 8pm – 9pm | Blue Room | Free admission

Sound x movement x engineering = mechatronic art. Enjoy two live performances by artists from Singapore and New Zealand. Jon He (Singapore) presents Serrate Study I on an ensemble of mechatronic scrapper percussion and 'g.qin', a custom-made gestural controller. Bridget Johnson & Jim Murphy (New Zealand) presents Pivotal Space, a merging of new technologies with natural environments to create a spatial exploration of mechanical, processed, and organic motion; featuring their unique mechatronic instruments 'swivel' and 'speaker.motion'. There will be a Q&A with Jon He after the performance. 

Sound and movement symposium and panel

Panel | 8 Apr | 2pm – 6pm | Blue Room | Free admission

The theme of the Si17 Symposium, Sound and Movement, is analysed, kneaded and served up hot by invited artists and researchers.

The papers are followed by a panel, moderated by Dr Stephanie Burridge, with Dr Joyce Beetuan Koh, Ms Elysa Wendi, Mr Jeremy Chua, and Mr Daniel Belton, and a Q&A. 

Papers include: Dance in the age of disruption – choreographic digital responses - Dr Stephanie Burridge; Sound and movement interaction in 'A-Muse' by Coquempot/Henry - Dr PerMagnus Lindborg; CineMovement, a laboratory for filmmakers and choreographers - Ms Elysa Wendi & Mr Jeremy Chua; Pivotal Space - Dr Jim Murphy & Dr Bridget Johnson.

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