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by Tell Your Children, Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsxi) and The Merry Men Works



Supremely inventive and always interesting artists Tell your Children and Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsxi) take inspiration from fantasy fiction and create colourful visual dioramas with book-like structures, co-designed and built by The Merry Men Works. Come and celebrate these beautiful works of enchantment and whimsy.

Everything You Wish About the City, in the Past, Present and Future
by Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsXi)

Greatly moved and inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, Zi Xi’s open book attempts to draw the viewer into one of the enchanting places of Marco Polo’s travels. The inside pages mimic a pop-up book, depicting his encounter of a city after a long march through the woodlands. The cover artwork illustrates the different cities, stitched together into a surrealistic map where beautiful fantastical lands are connected by visual pneumonic ladders.

Escape from Wonderland
by Tell Your Children

Lewis Carroll’s surrealist tale of whimsy and wonder, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, has been, and continues to be a fount of inspiration for the artist collective Tell Your Children (TYC).  Their open book features an aged cover in tatters, with characters leaping outside their literary setting and presented in a visual diorama. This lively installation, like the book, transports unsuspecting viewers into an imaginary kingdom of anthropomorphic flora and fauna, where coherence takes a backseat and the magnitude of the world is only hindered by one’s imagination.

ABOUT Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsxi) 

Tan Zi Xi (Singapore) is an artist and illustrator has worked on numerous projects with graphic designers, fashion labels, and museums. Her most recent achievement is a prestigious Gold from the Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2015 for her animation piece dododo, commissioned by UNTITLED Japan. She was also awarded the “New Talent of Year 2010” at the London International Creative Competition for her seminal series Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage. Tan has been exhibited in the Singapore Art Museum in 2016, where she created Plastic Ocean, a work that challenges the public to reflect on the sheer enormity of waste we generate excessively.

About Tell Your Children

Tell Your Children began as a shared vision between 4 Singaporean creatives.

Since coming together at the start of 2014 for their debut show at SBTG studios, the prolific studio has been busy. From creative projects for household names such as New Balance Singapore and MTV Asia to manifesting their ideas to life; the best has yet to come.

Tell Your Children looks to continue forging memorable relationships with creatives local and abroad; ever in the pursuit of greater imaginative heights and to spread their own brand of visual eccentricity on a global scale.

About The Merry Men Works

In the pursuit to marry traditional craft and creative ideas, The Merry Men Works (TMMW) was founded in 2013. From four carpentry-obsessed young men, TMMW has since grown into a tribe of creators, designers, carpenters, and makers.

As an experiential productions agency, TMMW transforms spaces into memorable experiences from events and conferences to visual merchandising. Combining creative insights with a pragmatism anchored in carpentry and craft, TMMW is always on the lookout to enable brands/artists to make their big ideas a reality.


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