Pet Me, Pet Me, Look at Me, Love Me

Pet Me, Pet Me, Look at Me, Love Me



This exhibition explores notions of intimacy and longing by focusing on the role of the written word in the conceptual practices of two Singapore-based female photographers – Liana Yang and Lavender Chang.

By manipulating new and traditional media, Liana upends contemporary notions of romance and courtship, provoking thought on the dynamics of relationships and our expressions of fondness. With projects often meant as open ended questionnaires, Taiwanese native Lavender integrates text in her works to probe at how people seek emotional anchorage in times of uncertainty and adversity.

Collectively, their works utilize text as a point of entry to interrogate the relationship between prose, visual and mental imagery, shedding light on unseen and unspoken yearnings.

Curator’s Tour, April 8 (Sat), 2pm to 3pm

Free admission with registration here

Join curator Kong Yen Lin as she shares insights into the conceptualization of the exhibition and the thought processes of each artist. 

About the artists

Lavender Chang creates conceptual artworks that culminate from her sensitivity towards subtle nuances in her surroundings. These more often than not translate into images provoking deeper thought on issues of time and identity. She has participated in many international and local exhibitions, such as the International Orange Photo Festival, China (2010), the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards (2011) and Singapore Art Museum’s Sensorium 360 group show (2014) amongst others. She is the winner of the 2012/2013 Affordable Art Fair’s Young Talent Programme and most recently the 6th France+ Singapore Photographic Art Awards in 2015.

Liana Yang is rarely motivated by direct beauty, but rather by the aesthetics of social and sociological interactions. She is drawn to the trivialities and oddities that we encounter in our daily experiences. This includes the enigmatic and unseen aspects of relationships, as well as explorations of memory and associations in our contemporary culture. Her artistic methodologies usually employ sex as the starting point, and often involve subverting sexual references and objectification. Her works have been showcased at major platforms such as Nooderlicht International Photofestival, The Netherlands, Arles Photography Open Salon, France and SAM@8Q.

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