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Personal Branding by Neal Moore

Presented by Screenwriters Association (Singapore)


Personal Branding is about creating a unique online and offline persona that increases your appeal and influence in the industry thereby driving greater opportunities for you.
In this session you will learn what personal brand is (and isn't), how to define it, promote it and be it. If you want people knocking on your door they need to know who you are and why they're knocking and that's what this session is all about.

Personal Branding” will be conducted by Neal Moore, a Content Marketer & Creator and Founder & Executive Producer Moore’s Lore Media.
It is organised by Screenwriters Association (Singapore), and is part of our regular community engagement for writers. Next month's talk is: “Creating A Web Series” by Kane Wheatley-Holder and Cheng Chai Hong, Saturday, 14 July 2018 at 2.30pm

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