Singapore International Film Festival 2016 Focus: Mutating Mythologies – Hybrid Cinema of Latin America



The 27th edition of Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) presents a selection of hybrid films that utilises new methodologies to challenge the stagnation of old myths in a push towards exploring the syncretism of Latin America. This focus explores the landscape of Latin America through its mythologies, trodden by a community of young and emerging filmmakers from the region. Highly experimental in nature, these films challenge the stagnancy of old myths in its push towards exploring the syncretic cultures of Latin America. Tune in also for a dialogue session with director Miguel Hilari and focus co-curator Juan Daniel F. Molero.

There will be a dialogue session on 27th November 2016 — sign up here.

Film Schedule

The Space Between Things (El espacio entre las cosas)
26 Nov | 11am
Director Raúl Del Busto
2013/Peru/91min/Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC

The Corral and the Wind (El Corral y el viento)
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Miguel Hilari
2013/Bolivia/54min/ Aymara, German and Spanish with English subtitles

Screened with

Revolution (Revolución)
Director Jorge Sanjinés
1963/Bolivia/9min/Rating TBC


Forward (Adelante)
Director Miguel Hilari
2014/Bolivia/7min/Rating TBC


Director Joaquín Tapia Guerra
2014/Bolivia/16min/Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC

Hermia & Helena
26 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Matías Piñeiro
2016/Argentina, USA/86min/English and Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC 

The Monument Hunter (Rastreador de estatuas)
27 Nov | 11am
Director Jerónimo Rodríguez
2015/Chile/71min/Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC  

Dialogue Session:
Mutating Mythologies – Hybrid Cinema of Latin American
27 Nov | 2pm | Register at | Gallery I
With Juan Daniel F. Molero (Peru) and Miguel Hilari (Bolivia)

27 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Juan Daniel F. Molero
2016/Peru/Duration TBC/English and Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC 

Screened with

Via Satellite: live
(Vía Satélite: En vivo y en directo)
Director Armando Robles Godoy
1973/Peru/10min/Rating TBC 


Reverse (Revés)
Director Muki Sabogal
2016/Peru/6min/Rating TBC 


Still Sun (Sol Quieto)
Director Juan Daniel F. Molero
2015/10min/Rating TBC 

Santa Teresa and Other Stories
27 Nov | 9.30pm
Director Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
2015/Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA/65min/Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC 

Screened with

I Can Only Show You the Colour
(Solo te puedo mostrar el color)
Director Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez
2014/Peru/28min/Rating TBC 

Dark Skull (Viejo calavera)
28 Nov | 7pm
Director Kiro Russo
2016/Bolivia, Qatar/80min/Spanish with English subtitles/Rating TBC

Screened with

Director Kiro Russo
2010/Bolivia/9min/Rating TBC 

28 Nov | 9.30pm
Director Gust Van den Berghe
2014/Belgium, Mexico/108min/Spanish with English Subtitles/Rating TBC


The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running independent film platform in Singapore. Founded in 1987, the Festival has become an iconic event in the Singapore arts calendar that is widely attended by international film critics and recognised worldwide for its focus on Asian filmmakers and the promotion of Southeast Asian films.

Always at the forefront of independent filmmaking, SGIFF continues to be a platform for both established and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their films to an audience of local and international film buffs.

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FOR NIZAM: A RETROSPECTIVE will also take place at The Arts House as part of SGIFF 2016.

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