folklore nobody

Folklore: Nobody

Director: Eric Khoo



Folklore is a HBO Asia series created by producer/ director Eric Khoo. In this Singapore entry of Folklore, a Pontianak is awakened when a foreman and a construction worker attempt to bury a dead girl instead of cremating the body. A series of unfortunate events ensues at the construction site. On the surface, Nobody appears to be a typical horror story – a blood thirsty Pontianak is awoken and she starts to slaughter the men around her. However, director Eric Khoo, working with debut screenwriter Amanda Lee Koe, want the audience to think deeper while they are being terrorised by the on-screen-events – who are the real monsters and who are the true victims? Beyond genre expectations, certain clichés are being subverted in this latest cinematic entry and contemporary rendition of the timeless Pontianak folklore.

There will be a post-show dialogue with director Eric Khoo.

Horror | 2018 | 52 mins | Rating: NC16
Languages: Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English with English subtitles


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