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A Night of Terrifying Tales

Presented by The Arts House



Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran and a team of storytellers present a spooky experience filled will thrills and chills. The audience will visit five locations on level two of the House to hear five incredible tales inspired by Singapore’s best-selling series, True Singapore Ghost Stories.

For audiences aged 16 and above. Advisory (Supernatural Content)
Meeting point: Main entrance of The Arts House.

Producer: Moonshadow Stories 
Adaptation: Kamini Ramachandran
Cast: Charlotte Lau and Fahim Murshed, Daisy Mitchell, Derrick Tay, Jeremy Leong and Kamini Ramachandran
Illustration by David Portwood

Please note all tickets sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Charlotte Lau
From a young age, Charlotte has been comfortable on stage and continues to act, sing and dance. She has performed in a wide variety of shows, from immersive theatre productions such as Andsoforth’s Alice in Wonderland and Tales of Grimmsneyland to storytelling for children in the Story House during StoryFest 2018. She was also part of Storytelling Speed Dating at Goodman B-Sides. She continues her passion for the stage as she studies for her Diploma in Performance at LASALLE School of the Arts.

Daisy Mitchell 
Daisy is an Associate Young Storyteller at The Storytelling Centre Ltd under the mentorship of Kamini Ramachandran. Her storytelling credits include The Hidden (Dir. Kamini Ramachandran for Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018), A Caravan of Stories for StoryFest 2018 and she performs weekly at The Artground and Gateway Theatres. Graduating with distinction from Diploma in Performance, she is pursuing her BA in Musical Theatre at LASALLE. She has acted in Fiddler on The Roof, Furthest North Deepest South and an adaption of My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

Derrick Tay 
A versatile performer Derrick is a musician, vocalist, actor and educator who is currently coaching voice and music at The Music Clinic. He has performed on screen and stage, directed a musical for SG50 celebration and sung at Hua Yi Festival, Asian TV Awards and Singapore Arts Festival. His storytelling performances usually include musical accompaniment such a flute, piano and other instruments that enhance the story. He accompanied Kamini Ramachandran for the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018 commission The Hidden and for Shapeshifter Stories in 2017.

Fahim Murshed 
Fahim was in primary school when he first stood on stage, wearing a pair of gray mouse ears as he played Grandpa Mouse in the play Belling the Cat. Since then he has performed in shows like Marie and the Nutcracker by Andsoforth and A Caravan of Stories for The Young Storytellers Showcase during StoryFest 2018. He was also part of Storytelling Speed Dating at Goodman B-Sides. He continues his love for performing as he studies for his Diploma in Performance at LASALLE School of the Arts. 

Jeremy Leong 
A graduate from LASALLE School of the Arts, Jeremy is an actor and storyteller. His passion for stories drives his enthusiasm for the stage. His storytelling credits include The Hidden (Dir. Kamini Ramachandran for Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018). He has also performed in Melbourne, Australia where he shared the Singapore folktale of Badang. His acting credits include The Greatest Treasure in the World for National Museum of Singapore and WonderWords, a school touring show.

Kamini Ramachandran
Renowned for her repertoire of darker tales exploring supernatural themes and uncommon folklore, Kamini breathes life into stories. Through her work in Moonshadow Stories she has promoted storytelling for adult audiences in Singapore. Commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018, she produced The Hidden, a site-specific storytelling experience at The Armenian Church.

To complement her love for literature she is comfortable adapting books for storytelling and has worked with publishers, authors and literary festivals. Her love for folklore extends to her work in museums and heritage centres. Through her monthly programme Stories in Art at National Gallery Singapore she connects oral and visual storytelling for family audiences. Kamini’s knowledge of Asian mythology has taken her on travels to international festivals around the world.

Her recent sensory storytelling performances for Artwalk Little India 2019 enchanted and captivated both audiences and reviewers alike. She has collaborated with musicians, dancers and visual artists combining her myths and legends. She is a teaching artist who applies storytelling skills for performance, narrative therapy and communications studies.

Kamini set up the non-profit organization The Storytelling Centre Ltd to support emerging talents through the Young Storytellers Mentorship Programme to ensure the sustainability of storytelling. She is also creative producer of StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival Singapore.

Moonshadow Stories 
MoonShadow Stories was founded in November 2004 with the sole aim of promoting the lost art of the oral narrative tradition. MoonShadow Stories strongly believes that if the beauty and wonder of storytelling can be reintroduced to adults, then children will benefit. MoonShadow Stories is the first contemporary storytelling entity in Singapore to spearhead storytelling for adults and performance storytelling. MoonShadow Stories passionately promotes the tradition of storytelling through re-telling and sharing of oral stories to a variety of audiences both young and old, in Singapore and in other countries.

MoonShadow Stories organizes storytelling performances and workshops for both adults and children. They provide customized storytelling training and storytelling content creation for private organizations and government entities, educational and commercial institutions, literary and storytelling festivals, counselling and therapeutic agencies as well as provide publications and research advice.


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