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Prelude: I’m a seed though a different one from you



I'm a seed though a different one from you is an investigative visual project by Lavender Chang that pursues the possibilities of life and existence. It launches Prelude, an exhibition series staged along the Print and Film Galleries of The Arts House, which highlights significant works-in-progress by Singapore-based photographers.

Over a period of a year, Chang experimented with growing a variety of beans in diverse mediums and conditions such as carbonated drinks, Chinese ink, milk and blood – metaphors of the struggles and obstacles an individual faces in life. Resembling human forms, the seedlings arduously eke out their transient existence. In the process, she contemplates on the diminutive but sturdy nature of seeds as metaphors for human survival.

About Lavender Chang

Lavender creates conceptual artworks that culminate from her sensitivity towards subtle nuances in her surroundings. More often than not, they translate into works exploring issues of time and identity. She has participated in numerous international and local exhibitions, such as the International Orange Photo Festival in China (2010), the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards (2011) and Singapore Art Museum’s Sensorium 360 group show (2014), amongst others. She is the winner of both the 2012/2013 Affordable Art Fair’s Young Talent Programme and 2015’s 6th France+ Singapore Photographic Art Awards.

About Prelude

Prelude was launched in hope of supporting the development of significant bodies of photographic works in Singapore. Exhibited in the Print and Film Galleries that are vestibules of The Arts House where people transit to reach the main rooms and halls, it alludes to spatial qualities by being a free space for the exchange of ideas.


Tour | 30 Apr | 3pm–3:30pm | Meet at Box Office 15 mins prior | Register here

Growing a seed is one of the most common science experiments conducted in school. What happens though, when this is taken into the realm of art? Join a tour led by photographer Lavender Chang, as she shares lighthearted anecdotes and insights from her exhibition series I'm a seed though a different one from you, which explores seeds as a metaphor for survival, resilience and adaptability.

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