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I Am A Poet, Therefore I Am



Featuring readings by 30 of Singapore's most significant Chinese poets, I am a Poet, therefore I am 《我诗故我在》 is a rousing afternoon of poetry and music celebrating the vibrant spectrum of voices, styles and perspectives in the local Chinese poetry landscape across three generations.

Drawing reference from philosopher René Descartes' quote "I think, therefore I am", the event lays emphasis on the unceasing pursuit of poetry writing and the refining of one's craft as the defining mark of a poet's existence.

Participating poets range from veterans active since the nation building decades of Singapore to young writers involved in researching and expanding the language of local poetry. Emerging musicians Zhang Yao Tian and Wang Jing would also pitch in as vocals. The event is the grand finale for the "Year of Singapore Chinese Poetry", an initiative launched by major local Chinese literary societies to share and promote Singapore Chinese poetry through a host of talks, workshops, performances and competitions.

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