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Golden Point Award Workshop Series: Chinese Short Stories



Writing beyond boundaries - Short Story Creative Writing Workshop by Tan Chee Lay
Join Tan Chee Lay in this workshop where he will analyse the past winning works of Golden Point Awards. Along the way, pick up essential writing techniques that will come in handy in your creative writing journey.

This workshop will be held at Goodman Arts Centre, Meeting Room 4.  


About Dr Tan Chee Lay
Born and bred in Singapore, Dr Tan Chee Lay is an Assistant Professor in NTU and the Deputy Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. He has a BA in Chinese (National Taiwan Normal U), MA in English (NUS), MBA (Leicester) and PhD (Oriental Studies, Cambridge).

He has won the Golden Point Award, Young Artist Award, Singapore Youth Award (Art and Culture) and has published 20 creative writing and scholarly books. His recent creative publications include Original Poetics (2012), Hiccups in the Family (2013), Sleepless (picture book, 2013), Sidgwick Writings (essays, 2014).

台湾师范大学国文系学士、英国莱斯特大学商业管理硕士、新加坡国大英国文学硕士及剑桥大学汉学博士。现为新加坡华文教研中心副院长。主要研究领域为现当代文学、文学教学等。曾获新加坡金笔奖,全国短篇小说、散文奖,国家青年艺术家奖、新加坡杰出青年奖等。撰写并主编的华文创作、中英文学术论著共20种,近年创作有《原始笔记》(2012)、《打嗝的亲情》(2013)、《睡不着》(绘本, 2013)、《习之微刻书》(散文,2014)。

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