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Cita Seni: Sex and Text of the Malay World



Seks dan Teks dalam Alam Melayu

Dalam edisi Cita Seni ini, Dr Faisal Tehrani dan Juffri Supaat akan menampilkan pengajian mereka yang tertumpu kepada subjek dan isu-isu seks, seperti yang didokumentasikan dalam karya-karya Melayu klasik serta moden.

Sesi ini akan disampaikan dalam Bahasa Melayu dan dimoderasi oleh Dr Azhar Ibrahim.

Sex and Text of the Malay World

While sex is generally taboo in many Asian societies, including the Malay-Indonesian contexts, this subject as a form of social control and potent aphrodisiac seems to be obvious in the older texts. In modern literary texts, sex ranges from moralistic postures to erotic imageries, to a point where some writers were condemned as vulgar and pornographic. There are some writers however, who are able to depict sexual scenes and objects in a subtle and entertaining way with great literary finesse. Join Dr Faisal Tehrani and Juffri Supaat in this edition of Cita Seni, where they share the fascinating research and documentation of this supposedly taboo topic, as documented in Malay classical as well as modern texts.

This session will be conducted in Malay and moderated by Dr Azhar Ibrahim.

Cita Seni is co-presented by The Arts House and the NUS Department of Malay Studies.

About Dr Faisal Tehrani

Mohd Faizal Musa is better known as Faisal Tehrani in Malaysia. Dr Faisal Tehrani was the National University of Singapore’s Resident Writer in 2016 and is currently a lecturer at the National University of Malaysia. 
Among his literary works highlighting human rights are Homosektual (published by Mingguan Malaysia on 24 June 2012) and Seorang Muslim Seorang Lutheran, which translates as ‘A Muslim, A Lutheran’ (published on 19 October 2015).

About Juffri Supaat

Juffri Supaat is a Senior Librarian with the National Library, Singapore. He has curated several exhibitions featuring the works of Malay literary pioneers such as Masuri S. N., Muhammad Ariff Ahmad and Abdul Ghani Hamid. He has also compiled poetry selections by Muhammad Ariff Ahmad and Suratman Markasan, as well as the bibliography of Singapore Malay Literature.

About Dr Azhar Ibrahim

Dr Azhar Ibrahim is a lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore. He teaches Malay-Indonesian literature and ideologies of development.

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