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Based on real life events such as the collapse of Hotel New World and the Pulau Merlimau refinery fire, Frontline Rescue 《救灾前线》 comprises a collection of short stories by veteran civil defence officer Lee Chuan Low (李选楼). As Singapore’s first Chinese short story centred on disaster and crisis management, the book serves as a cherished record of significant events in Singapore history, while illuminating the unsurmountable spirit of human nature in face of adversity.

About the author

Lee Chuan Low (1957-) is an award-winning writer and editor of numerous Chinese short stories, literary reviews and essays. He is currently the vice president of the Singapore Literature Society and serves as chief editor of the organization’s news bulletin. Lee is also a long-time member of several local and international literary groups such as the Tropical Literature & Art Club.

原名李选楼(Lee Chuan Low)。新加坡公民。1957 年生。他的小说与评论多次获得海内外奖项。著有文学评论集、中篇小说集、短篇小说集、微型小说集、散文集等,并参与主编多部新马文学作品集。现为新加坡文艺协会副会长、《新加坡文艺报》主编;新加坡作家协会、热带文学艺术俱乐部永久会员、世界华文文学家协会会员、世界华文微型小说研究会会员。

About Lingzi Media

Lingzi Media is a publishing and distribution company established with the aim of promoting the Chinese language in Singapore. In the past 22 years, Lingzi has worked with writers and educational institutions to produce a wide range of literary and non-fiction titles, and it has developed into a leading company in the fields of publishing, culture and education in Singapore.



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