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Book Launch: Blowing over Autumn Waters



Book Launch of Blowing over Autumn Waters

This new collection of Chinese poetry《一泓苍碧荡漾》by writer Cheung Oi Keung (蒹葭苍苍) embodies her profound contemplation on the subtle and fleeting aspects of daily life in Singapore. Be it the stark beauty of a sprig of orchids or the gentle sound of waves lapping against the coasts of East Coast Park, each poem is an intimate depiction of Cheung’s rich inner life and thoughts. By carving out a quiet space for thought, the works are a reminder for one to slow down and savour moments of serene beauty often overlooked in the haste of urban life.

《一泓苍碧荡漾》这本诗集收集了作者蒹葭苍苍近几年来的诗稿,共分三类: 新诗、古近体诗、词和对联。作品无论古体诗或新诗均因生活的细节触景生情而发。如胡姬花的独特,双溪布洛湿地的自然生态,东海岸的浪涛声,小桂林的优静、本地雨季的描写、写作班学习的情况等都是笔下抒情的主题,贴近生活。在躁动忙碌的空间让花草树木为我们的社会增添一些柔和的宁静。部分作品也描写人与人之间心理情感世界。岁月如流水般地流淌, 借此希望我们对周围的人和事多一份留意,多一份珍惜。

About the author

Born and raised in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Cheung Oi Keung relocated to Singapore in 1993 and is now a permanent resident. Aside from being a full time nurse, Cheung is also pursuing a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature at Singapore University of Social Sciences. She is a regular contributor to local literary periodical and publications and is active in literary societies such as the Tropical Literature and Art Club and Singapore Global Chinese Poetry Association.

作者蒹葭苍苍原名鄭愛强 (Cheung Oi Keung)。祖籍广东潮阳,成长于上海和苏北平原。高中毕业。1983年迁居香港,1993年移居新加坡至今,是新加坡永久居民。热爱华文文学,业余写作人。擅长散文、诗歌、微型小说,作品常发表于本地文学刊物和网站。2014年10月出版第一本散文集《捕梦网》,为热带文学丛书之一。目前从事护士工作。现为热带文学艺术俱乐部理事,新加坡全球汉诗总会理事,新加坡新声诗社永久会员。新加坡书写文学协会会员。

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