prologue beethoven listening party

Beethoven Listening Party



Ever wondered what was the big fuss about Beethoven but were too afraid to ask? Join us at this special listening party for a brief introduction to Beethoven’s life, music and contemporary relevance, and be guided through the seminal recordings of his key works so you can start building your own Beethoven playlist.

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10 – 19 Jan 2020

Over two weekends, The Arts House invites you to celebrate, share and enjoy stories from Singapore and beyond. In conjunction with the Light to Night Festival, this year's Prologue will turn this historic space into an intimate gathering of words through multidisciplinary performances, installations, and interactive activities. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, embark on a journey away from the bustle of the Civic District through urban landscapes of cities new and old, past and present, real and imagined.

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