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A Melody named Memory

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A Melody named Memory is an evening of Chinese poetry and Chamber music exploring recollections of Singapore in the heady nation building decades of the 1950s to 1980s.


Inspired by the Chinese saying “莫忘影中人”, a common adage used in old photo postcards urging loved ones to remember and cherish them, this Mid-autumn Festival event features close to a dozen poems by some of the nation’s most celebrated poets such as Chua Chee Lay (蔡志礼), Wong Yoon Wah (王润华) and Dan Ying (淡莹).

“莫忘影中人” 是旧时明信片中常看到的字眼,主要用以敦促对所在乎之人的珍爱和难忘。延续这一来自早期明信片中的真挚情怀,此次的庆中秋活动将为大家呈现数十首出自著名狮城诗人如蔡志礼、王润华和淡莹的佳作。诗词中以柔美的笔锋勾勒出新加坡在城市景观越发繁荣的同时,悄然演变的文学景致。

Deftly playing with the unique characteristics of each art form - Chinese poetry as a lyrical recitation and Chinese chamber music as a melodic dialogue between instruments - the event paints a vivid portrait of a generation grappling with social transformations and upheavals, evoking their aspirations and anxieties.

活动通过对艺术形态独特灵魂的巧妙运用 一一 华文诗词用以吟诵传听、华族室内乐用以渲染乐器之间的“旋音对话”,生动入微地呈现出建国一代在饱经历史蜕变与动荡事件:如日本侵略后期,以及在新加坡成立初始,努力寻求国家认同后的精神面貌。

Preceding the performance is a lecture by Singaporean poet and academic Teo Sum Lim (伍木) who will lend insights into Singapore’s Chinese poetry landscape from the 1950s to 80s. The session will highlight key poets, analyze some of their most significant works, and finally evaluate how the genre has evolved through the years.

表演开始之前,为大家拉开帷幕的是新加坡诗人和学者伍木。他将为大家剖析新加坡华文诗词从1950 到 1980年代的重大事迹。讲座将抽样分析著名诗人最具影响力的作品,同时也会审评新加坡华文诗词多年来的演变。

You can register via

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  • Call The Arts House at 63326900 on Mon – Fri, 10am – 8pm


The pre-show lecture and performance is conducted in Mandarin.

This programme is part of The Arts House’s Poetry with Music series.


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