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A Dance of Stories



The Young Storytellers Showcase will bring you on a journey from the luscious jungles of the Indonesian peninsula to the mystical lakes of Vietnam and all the way to the scorching deserts of Persia. You might even get to ride on a flying horse! Throughout your journey you will encounter loyal monkeys, forbidden lovers and even a demon or two. Deception, bravery and love will intertwine, and you will be sure to be entertained

A Dance of Stories is a series of 5 videos celebrating Asian folklore and mythology.


Lutung Kasarung (Javanese folktale)
by Zac Denver Lee

A tale of two sisters, Purba Rarang and Purba Sari. Purba Rarang hated her younger sister Purba Sari with a passion, enough to curse her and banish her to the jungle. There, Purba Sari met Lutung Kasarung (The Lost Monkey)… what fortune will befall her?

Traditional Central Java folk song: Gambang Suling (The Flute & The Drum)


The Silly Brahmarakshasa (Indian folktale)
by Rohshini Thiagarajan

A landlord thinks he’s struck gold when he recites the mantra for a Brahmarakshasa and gets a servant to help him work on his lands… little does he know, his new servant might just eat him up!

Traditional Tamil folk song: Onnam Padi Eduthu ஒன்னாம் படி எடுத்து (By Taking the First Step)


Mirza Sahiba (North Indian folktale)
by Saher Hashmi

The tale of beautiful Sahiba, who entranced the renowned archer Mirza with her dance and her gentle nature, ends tragically as the star-crossed lovers realise that romance is not enough to overcome tradition.

Original Music by: Ishvinder Singh @vinderish (Mirza Sahiba was filmed by the artist while under stay home guidelines)


The Princess and the Fisherman (Vietnamese folktale)
by Charlotte Elizabeth

There once lived a princess who did not wish to marry until she had seen all the wonders of her father’s kingdom. But destiny brought her to a poor fisherman and all is not well… A Vietnamese origin tale of the lake that formed overnight.


The Magic Horse (Persian folktale)
by Daisy Mitchell

The Sultan is gifted a magic horse that can fly great distances. In return for this gift he pledges his daughter the Princess to the maker of the horse. Outraged at his father’s act, the Prince steals the horse to save his sister! But the horse leads the Prince to strange lands and a tale of kidnap, love, revenge and much flying ensues.

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