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Patrick Yee's Magical World of Illustration 余广达的魔幻画笔工作坊



In this parent-and-child workshop/talk, illustrator Patrick Yee will share some simple drawing techniques and how he created all the wonderful characters featured in his picture books. Participants will also have a chance to create and draw their own books, as Yee will provide some hands-on art activities which incorporate interesting ways of teaching young children Mandarin, so as to motivate them to be more comfortable expressing themselves in the language. Materials will be provided. Limited quantity available. Conducted in Mandarin.

余广达的魔幻画笔工作坊 . 余广达将在他的魔幻画笔工作坊里,分享如何利 用简单的绘画技术和媒介,创作出插图本里的精 彩角色。透过一些美术活动,他也会传授一些有 趣的教学方法,教导孩子们学习华语,借此鼓励 孩子利用华语表达自己。 活动材料将以先到先得的方式领取,数量有限。 (时长约1小时30分钟。) 讲座以华语进行。


To prioritise the health and well-being of our guests, please take note that we will be conducting temperature screening at the event. If you are feeling unwell or have travelled/just returned from China, South Korea, Iran, Northern Italy and Japan in the past two weeks, we seek your understanding to observe the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. Thank you.

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