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The 28th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) returns to The Art House, with a focus on the filmmaking of Indonesia, an embodiment of this vast nation’s independent spirit and community. 

Delve into a series of films that explore diverse trajectories within Indonesia’s independent film scene. Discover places off the beaten track within Indonesia where cinema remains vibrant and urgent, and come witness the creative explosion of Indonesian Cinema during the post-Suharto Reformasi era.

With these independent filmmakers playing a key role in engaging with social realities, these films resonate with a powerful relevance far beyond their home country.


This year’s Focus series shines a spotlight on the practice of filmmaking in Indonesia as an embodiment of the spirit of independence and community. Adopting the post-Suharto Reformasi movement in the late 1990s as a point of departure, the series of films being featured explores diverse trajectories within Indonesian independent cinema as a vibrant agent of change, through the dissemination of knowledge and engagement with social reality. In this section, the first shorts programme, Redefining Togetherness, seeks to expand on the idea of collective gatherings, from revolutionary groups to the public observer, the people in unity; the second, Grassroots Cinema, showcases the building of the film community, empowering youths and telling the stories of the people. The feature films reflect the diverse regional and stylistic characteristics of the archipelago’s burgeoning new era.
Co-curated with Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu Writer-Critic, Cinema Poetica


Asian Vision offers insights into the most exciting ideas and developments that are shaping the film landscape across Asia today, presenting new works by both renowned auteurs and future visionaries of Asian Cinema. It places the Festival’s position in Southeast Asia within the greater context of Asian cinematic traditions, and expands the cross- cultural dialogue for our local and regional audiences and filmmakers.



Each year, the Festival charts the depth of Asian cinema to recognise regional talents - including up-and-coming filmmakers - many who have since become prominent filmmakers of our time. Through the competition, the Festival paves the way for our region’s film industry and provides opportunities for its growth and sustenance. 


1 Dec | 9.30pm
Director Ali Asgari
2017/Iran, Qatar/89min/Persian

Dragonfly Eyes
29 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Xu Bing
2017/China/81min/Mandarin, English

The Great Buddha+
27 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Huang Hsin-Yao
2017/Taiwan/104min/Taiwanese, Mandarin

Homogeneous Empty Time
27 Nov | 7pm
Director Thunska Pansittivorakul, Harit Srikhao

In the Claws of a Century Wanting
28 Nov | 7pm
Director Jewel Maranan
2017/Philippines, Germany, Qatar/125min/Filipino

Phantom of Illumination
26 Nov | 7pm
Director Wattanapume Laisuwanchai

Screened with

Love in Cinema
26 Nov | 7pm
Director Swan Yaung Ni

The Talisman
24 Nov | 9.30pm
Director Jewel Maranan
2016/Central Java/87min/Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia

29 Nov | 7pm
Director Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias
2017/Dominican Republic, Argentina, Germany, Qatar/106min/ Spanish

Song of Granite
29 Nov | 9.30pm
Director Pat Collins
2017/Ireland, UK/104min/English, Irish

The Seen and Unseen
24 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Kamila Andini
2017/Indonesia, Netherlands, Australia, Qatar/86min/Indonesian, Balinese

Shuttle Life
28 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Tan Seng Kiat
2017/Malaysia/91min/Mandarin, Dialects

The Nameless Boy
25 Nov | 2pm
Director Diego Batara Mahameru
2017/Indonesia, Jakarta/5min/Bahasa Indonesia

Along The One Way
25 Nov | 2pm
Director Bani Nasution
2016/Indonesia, Jakarta/16min/Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia

The Silent Mob
25 Nov | 2pm
Director Harvan Agustriansyah
2016/Indonesia, Jakarta/17min/Bahasa Indonesia

Terra Machine
25 Nov | 2pm
Director Wimar Herdanto
2016/Indonesia, Jatiwangi/16min/Bahasa Indonesia

A Goat
25 Nov | 2pm
Director Tunggul Banjaransari
2017/Indonesia/20min/Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia

Trading Places
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Eka Susilawati
2014/Indonesia, Purbalingga/7min/Javanese

26 Nov | 2pm
Director Sarah Adilah
2015/Indonesia, Palu/3min/Bahasa Indonesia

The Tale of Urut Sewu
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Dewi Nur Aeni
2015/Indonesia, Kebumen/20min/Bahasa Indonesia

Drowned Eyes
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Feranda Aries
2016/Makassar/8min/Bahasa Indonesia

The Call of the Crater
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Ignasius Loyola Weamole Somalinggi
2014/Flores/30min/Bajawa's Language

Dewi Comes Home
26 Nov | 2pm
Director Candra Aditya
2016/Indonesia, Jakarta/18min/Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese

The Ballads of Cinema Lovers
25 Nov | 7pm
Director Yuda Kurniawan
2017/Indonesia, Purbalingga/120min/Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese

Masean's Messages
26 Nov | 4.30pm
Director Dwitra J. Ariana

Ziarah: Tales of the Otherwords
26 Nov | 9.30pm
Director BW Purba Negara
2016/Indonesia, Yogyakarta/85min/Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia

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