Poetry With Music

The Poetry with Music series, launched by The Arts House since 2017, pays tribute to Singapore’s diverse multi-lingual culture by celebrating literary excellence in local poetry in all four of the country’s official languages. The series pairs the cadence of poems to melodic accompaniment and is developed as an annual signature series of The Arts House. 

Presented as Note for Note, Shi Yun (诗韵), RAPATSENI, and Sollum Swaramumeach edition threads local expressions alongside diasporic influences through performances that capture the intricate relationship between music and poetry. Aside from cultivating interest in the works of Singapore written word artists, the multi-lingual series aims to grow cross-cultural appreciation and greater understanding through the literary arts.

诗韵 Shiyun

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, Shiyun: Island Interludes presents an evening of Chinese poetry and chamber music exploring iconic landmarks and urban landscapes in Singapore. Rediscover these spaces through lyrical verses and melodies based on excerpts from 23 poems by writers across different generations.

Performed in Mandarin. This performance is part of The Arts House's Poetry with Music series.

Note for Note

Note for Note is a confluence of poetry and music which presents collaborations between artists exploring both form and content. Much like successful fusion cuisine, there is a natural harmony between the rhythms of poetry and music. Musicians bring their own eclectic genres to the poets' table, resulting in a tasting palette that is rich with intertwined layers of meaning.

Past editions include:

Note for Note (2018 Mar Edition)
Note for Note: #Skintones
Note for Note: #InvisibleInk
Note for Note: Stop, Look & Listen


Rapatseni showcases an infusion of poetry with musical instruments and explores the symbiotic relationship between the two. Malay musical instruments – both traditional and modern, as well as a fusion of the two – will accompany various renderings of traditional poetry (puisi) and modern poetry.

Past editions include:

RAPATSENI: Bagai Alun Dengan Gendang
RAPATSENI: Kata Dan Rasa Teraga
RAPATSENI: Berseri Lakon & Alun

Sollum Swaramum

Experience the beauty of Tamil poetry brought to life by recitation and paired with music by Indian classical musicians.

Past editions include:

Sollum Swaramum - சொல்லும் ஸ்வரமும் (2018 Mar Edition)
Sollum Swaramum - சொல்லும் ஸ்வரமும் (2019 Mar Edition)
Sollum Swaramum - சொல்லும் ஸ்வரமும் (2020 Mar Edition)














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