Lidah Aku Punya

Poetry performance

Session 1: 3pm-430pm
Venue: Play Den
Norisham Osman, Nurul Arini Junaidi, and Najib Soiman 

Session 2: 530pm-7pm
Venue: Play Den

Bani Haykal, Zulfadli Rashid, and Suhaili Safari

Lidah Aku Punya adalah sebuah persembahan deklamasi puisi yang meraikan puisi kontemporari dan warga seni berbangsa Melayu yang bereksperimentasi dalam bahasa Melayu. Lidah Aku Punya akan menampilkan renungan dan puisi Melayu yang dicipta oleh enam penggiat seni kontemporari yang dikenali ramai kerana pemerhatian  dan komentari mereka yang kritis tapi nakal berkenaan isu yang menjejas kita hari ini. Sebagai suatu latihan artistik, Lidah Aku Punya menjemput sebuah band indie tempatan, The Psalms, dan artis video, Wu Jun Han, untuk berkerjasama dengan setiap artis dalam mencipta suatu persembahan yang intuitif dengan objektif memperkenalkan cara yang alternatif lagi untuk menceburi bidang bahasa Melayu.

Persembahan ini akan disampaikan dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Lidah Aku Punya, or This Tongue is Mine, is a live poetry reading performance in celebration of contemporary Malay poetry and young Malay artists who play and experiment with the Malay language. Lidah Aku Punya will feature Malay musings and poetry written by six young contemporary arts practitioners known for their sometimes playful but often acute observations and commentaries on issues that affect us today. As an artistic exercise,Lidah Aku Punya has invited local indie band The Psalms and video artist Wu Jun Han to collaborate with each artist in creating a visceral live performance that aims to introduce alternative and exciting ways in engaging the Malay language.

This performance will be held in Malay.

Japanese Stab Binding Workshop with Michy Witchy
Venue: Living Room

Join us in a 30-minute session of basic book binding where you will learn to make your own blank journal with the technique of four hole binding.

All materials provided. Workshops will be held in English.

CUT & PASTE MAYHEM II - Satu Impian // Satu Harapan
Venue: Blue Room 

By Cap Merah

Satu Impian // Satu Harapan is inspired by a line of a popular rock song and contextualized by a pair of selipar jamban (bathroom slippers).Selipar jamban interrogates poetry as we know it, deploring its pretentiousness.

As a comparative, the selipar jamban keeps us grounded, ensures we don’t slip and fall, and it is difficult to erode. When you put these slippers on, the first step represents impian, which is "aspiration" and your second one harapan which means “hope”. Thus the analogy is for us to take steps with aspiration and hope to get us anywhere, but it is also important that we stay humble, grounded, cautious, safe and honest.

Juxtaposing selipar jamban is a cut and paste zine workshop, moderated by Cap Merah where attendees are encouraged to remove their footwear. They will walk the entire space with the selipar jamban (we will be providing a few pairs!).




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