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Artist Profile: William C Kovacsik – Award winning playwright’s first play in Asia to be performed at Short+Sweet Singapore 2009

Singapore, 19 June 2009 – Short+Sweet attracts an extraordinary range of artists, from absolute theatre novices to internationally recognised playwrights such as William C Kovacsik.

Currently teaching at NYU TischAsia, Mr Kovacsik’s plays have been performed all across America. His play, The Masrayana won the Joseph Jefferson Citation Award as Best New Play in Chicago for 2005-2006. Lewis J. Stadlen (a two-time Tony Award nominee) starred in Mr Kovacsik’s play, Slice of Immortality in 1999.

Short+Sweet is very pleased to stage his first play in Asia, A Mighty Fortress. It will be performed during Week 3 of the English Top 30 plays from 8 to 12 July at the Flexible Performance Space, LASALLECollege of the Arts.


Please find below an interview with Mr Kovacsik.


Is this the first time a play of yours has been staged in Singapore or Asia?

Yes. Although I’ve written 24 plays that have been seen all over America, this is the first time that any of my work has been done outside the United States, so I’m really looking forward to see how Singaporeans respond to this piece.


What is your play, A Mighty Fortress about?

It deals with four Australian women imprisoned by the Japanese after the invasion in 1942.  They have to make a decision about which of them will survive, and which will not.  It’s the kind of choice that was faced by so many people during the occupation – a choice between principles and self-preservation.  It’s amazing that, in the most difficult circumstances, so many people rise to the challenge and choose to stay true to the best part of themselves.

I chose to write a play featuring four women because the theatre needs more good roles for actresses – there are about four times as many actresses in this world as there are male performers, and those women are competing for a much smaller number of roles.  And so often, women bear the heaviest burden during times of social and political upheaval.  So, for both pragmatic and historical reasons, it seemed appropriate to write about four women in this terrible situation.


Why did you decide to write a play for Short & Sweet?

It’s always important to me to become involved in the local theatre community wherever I am.  I’ve lived in lots of places, and everywhere I go, the people who work in the theatre are always on the cutting edge;

they’re the people who are concerned with social justice, who see the real truth about what makes us human, what binds the human race together.  I always want to be part of that movement, to extend the ways in which we see ourselves and each other, and to increase the respect we have for each other.  Since Short & Sweet is such an important part of the arts culture here in Singapore, writing a play for this festival seemed like an obvious choice.  Plus, I had an idea for a short play about Singaporean history that I thought would be a good fit for Short & Sweet.


What do you think about the ten-minute play format?

Anyone who’s tried it will tell you that it’s one of the hardest forms of writing there is.  You have to tell a story with a beginning, middle and an end, and you have to do it all in ten minutes. Ten-minute plays are increasingly popular among theatres all over the world, because they allow the audience to experience the work of many different playwrights over the course of an evening, and they’re also generally easy to produce – most ten-minute plays have small casts and very simple technical demands.  For the writer, however, they’re a real test of skill.  Saying something meaningful in just ten minutes is a tough task.


What do you feel is your most notable success as a playwright?

In 2005, my play The Masrayana was presented in Chicago, and it won the Joseph Jefferson Citation Award as Best New Play in Chicago for that year.  Knowledgeable theatre artists will tell you that Chicago has some of the most vital and original theatre in the USA.  So when the play was successful with audiences and critics in Chicago, I was immensely pleased.

Has being in Singapore inspired you to write about subjects you otherwise would not have if you had stayed in the USA?

Absolutely! I knew a little bit about Singapore’s history… but after I arrived, I really investigated it in more depth, and that led to the subject of my play.  I learned about the terrible treatment that Singaporeans received at the hands of the Kempeitai, the Japanese military police.  Although in the past I’ve written plays that dealt with other cultures, I don’t think I would have written this particular play had I not spent some time living here.

I think …it’s possible that the East and the West will find more ways in which they recognize and respect the elements that serve as a bridge between different cultures. There are stories that the East has to tell, and that the West needs to hear.  We need to listen to each other.



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