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Art House Limited Media Statement: The Phantom of Oxley Castle

Singapore, 13 November 2017 – We note that there have been conflicting reports in the media on the cancellation of The Phantom of Oxley Castle book launch at The Arts House.

We would like to clarify our engagement with Epigram Books on its book launch plans.

  1. The Arts House had initially been approached by Epigram Books in September 2017 regarding the launch of Dream Island – the Mad Mad World of Philip Yeo. This launch was to be held in conjunction with a charity component.   
  2. Subsequently in October 2017, Epigram Books suggested expanding the book launch to two books, and include The Phantom of Oxley Castle.  As part of our efforts to support the launch of new books in Singapore, The Arts House agreed to launching both books at the same event.
  3. Over the weekend, The Arts House informed Epigram Books that there had been online media chatter generated by the The Phantom of Oxley Castle.  The Arts House also highlighted that this development might have implications on the launch of Dream Island, which had been the original book we had been approached about, as well as its charity component. 
  4. These steps were undertaken as part of The Arts House’s usual process to engage in open dialogue with the users of our venue, particularly on considerations that may have an impact on their event. Our objective is to allow our partners to make informed decisions on their programmes. At no point did The Arts House inform Epigram Books that we did not want the book launch to take place on our premises.
  5. Epigram Books simultaneously decided to cancel the launch of The Phantom of Oxley Castle, so as to focus on the launch of Dream Island and its charity component. Epigram Books also informed The Arts House they would handle this cancellation given that they manage publicity.
  6. As Epigram Books was the organiser of the event, and had earlier publicised this on its Facebook page, Epigram Books communicated its decision to cancel the launch of The Phantom of Oxley Castle through the same channel.  
  7. We are therefore puzzled by the conflicting account over Epigram Book’s cancellation of The Phantom of Oxley Castle. Epigram Books had reiterated to The Arts House, when contacted earlier this morning, that it had conveyed the reason for the cancellation to the media.  

The Arts House seeks to work constructively with all our partners to ensure that each and every event held on our premises is of benefit to the parties involved. 

The Arts House looks forward to the successful launch of Dream Island on 18 November 2017.


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