Have you been inspired by a Cultural Medallion Recipient? We want to hear your story!


We are inviting people to share their tribute to Singapore's Cultural Medallion recipients.

We welcome contributors from Singapore and around the world, who would like to share a story on how they have been taught, inspired and/or encouraged in their individual professional journey and pursuit of creative excellence.

This tribute can be in text, pictures and/or audio form, and selected contributors may be contacted for more information.

Selected tribute entries will go into our Cultural Medallion showcase video as well as across our website and social media. Selected entries may also be featured in the Cultural Medallion showcase taking place end of 2021 at The Arts House.

For the list of Cultural Medallion receipients, please visit here

Part 1: Cultural Medallion Recipient

Name three things that you respect about/learnt from/were inspired by this person.

You can elaborate on:
1. Artform
2. Technique
3. Artistic process
4. Work ethic/quality, etc.

Submissions can be in any word length. You may key your tribute entry in the text box below, or upload a word or text document of up to 4 pages in length with the use of font size 10-12 for your tribute.
Note: There is a file size limit of 5MB. Accepted file extensions are .txt, .doc, .docx

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Part 2: Media Upload

Online upload with file size limit not exceeding 20MB per category

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For Pictures
Please upload a single ZIP file of up to 10 pictures of your tribute, with captions for each picture.

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For Audio Files
Please upload a single ZIP file for all audios with no more than 15 minutes of recording and a short summary of the recording (up to 300 words).

Note: There is a file size limit of 20MB. Accepted file extension is ZIP only.
Please upload only one file within 20MB limit


Offline file sharing of large media files

You can share with us your files by uploading to Google Drive, DropBox or other available file sharing platform and send an invite to tahmarketing@artshouse.sg with the description or the link in the field below.

Please share your media files with one of the methods above

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Part 4: Declaration

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  1. Submissions can be in any of Singapore's 4 official languages.
  2. There is no entry fee. If the contributor’s work is selected, Arts House Limited will undertake all production costs for both the digital and on-site presentation.
  3. Contributors may submit more than one tribute for consideration, but must submit each project as a separate contribution.
  4. Contributions must be submitted electronically by 4 Oct 2021 (1159PM SGT). Incomplete or physical submissions will not be accepted.
  5. Arts House Limited’s selection decision is final. We regret that we are unable to provide feedback for contributors who are not selected for the showcase.
  6. All materials will have relevant credits (e.g. photographer, voice talent credits)
  7. By submitting an entry, a contributor warrants and represents that any intellectual property are original to them, and that they have the rights granted for the work, that here have been no prior transfer of the rights to the images and that the publication of the images will not infringe upon any other person’s copyright or other rights. The contributor agrees to indemnify and hold Arts House Limited harmless from any liability, loss cost and expense (including legal fees) arising from any breach of the foregoing warrants, due to or arising out of the contributor’s submission materials.

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