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"The sun has set. The Muztagh Ata is backlit by the mauve rays of twilight. A full moon rises in the distant south of an icy lake. I stepped out of my tent into the recesses of the night and beheld by far, the most majestic view ever glimpsed upon in the vast continent of Asia." - An excerpt from Swedish adventurer Sven Hedin’s travel novel Im Herzen von Asien (In the Heart of Asia)

"This enchanting description by Hedin a century ago was my very first impression of the Silk Road as a child," says Er. His great flair for adventure and discovery also partly stemmed from previous roles as the reporter and editor of Shanghai Pictorial monthly journal, as well as freelancing as an architectural photographer.

伊斯法罕半天下-摄于伊朗2006年 | Isafahan, Iran, 2006
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